Pointing clients in the right direction.

"Tip of the spear" is a common management consulting a cliché. It means we will help start the changes that will bring your company through its biggest changes and challenges.

What We Do

Spearhead Strategy, Inc. is a boutique management consulting firm that helps business owners and leaders through their most strategic decisions, analyzing not what's just best, but also, what can be executed by the company.

  • Business Strategy

  • Technology Strategy

  • Fundraising

  • Go-to-market strategy and branding

  • Ad hoc project management and technical assessments


We served clients ranging from the Fortune 500 to early-stage startups. Where we especially have an expertise is helping clients understand the business case for new technology and innovation in their business. This technology could either be a tool for the broader enterprise or developing a product to sell to the market.

The President and founder is an expert in IT Spend Analysis, which looks at the total cost of ownership of a specific application against its business case. In his careeer, he's helped clients realize over $1B in savings and revenue generating opportunities.

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If you are looking for some help getting the most out of your technology as part of a broader strategic decision, contact us.